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Modification of Despatch M1A, 1 Kw Microwave



Initial Problem: These generators were originally designed and manufactured in the late 70’s. The high voltage transformer had been discontinued years ago and the price of the original 2M131-04A magnetron tube has significantly increased over the last four years. Since there are multiples of these generators ( 15 – 20 ) units on a system, a complete modification was engineered to alleviate the whole system needing replacement.


Purpose of Modification: To replace outdated and discontinued components economically and efficiently.


MES Solution:

    Replace all components on chassis.

    Install a more efficient and economical magnetron tube ( 2M137-IL) which is capable of producing 1.25 kilowatts of energy.

    Install a full wave voltage doubler power supply.

    Install new waveguide.

    Replace all wiring inside generator and organize wire runs neatly.

    Install an elapsed time meter to track hours of magnetron operation.

    Thoroughly clean outer chassis and paint.

    Test and burn in generator for four hours at full power.


End Result:

    Increased efficiency.

    More reliable operation of microwave generator.

    Reduced downtime and failure rates for microwave generators and system.

    Increased airflow throughout generator for cooling of critical components.

    Extended life of critical components.

    Economical advantage over complete system replacement.






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