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On Site Service

Types of services performed:


  • Cleaning of microwave cavities, waveguides and generators: Our experience has shown many systems have been allowed to become contaminated with debris, plastisized compound, and carbonized product. This decreases system efficiency and product quality while increasing the chance of component failures and microwave leakage. After cleaning, more reliable system operation is realized along with increased product throughput and quality.


  • Repair and Calibration of microwave generators and systems: All microwave generators are thoroughly inspected for signs of component wear, overheating, and loose electrical connections. Any blowers used for cooling of critical components are checked for debris in their squirrel cage and proper operation. Water flow used for cooling of the magnetron tube and various waveguide components is checked for restrictions. Specialized test equipment is then inserted into the generator, and the unit tested at power levels from minimum to maximum output. Data from the test equipment is reviewed and compared against proper operating parameters. Adjustments are made or components replaced to insure the generators are functioning correctly and within specifications. On the system level, convection hot air, conveyor drive, and all metering is inspected, tested and calibrated if necessary.


  • Microwave Leakage: On all generators, waveguides, and oven cavities microwave leakage is checked under various production conditions to insure it is below acceptable limits. Any discrepancies are noted and repaired immediately, if possible. Operator safety is our number one concern.


  • Service Report: Upon completion of the service call a detailed report is compiled on the following topics.

Microwave generator operating characteristics

Oven condition

Waveguide condition

Microwave leakage

System conclusions and recommendations


Rates for 2014



Labor @ Site ( weekdays ), $150.00 / hr.


Labor @ Site ( weekends ), $290.00 / hr.


Travel Time, $75.00 / hr.


Travel & Expenses, At Cost

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