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Types of Modifications Performed:


Microwave Generators: MES has modified microwave generators from power levels of 1 to 6 kilowatts. These modifications typically consist of replacing the power supply and magnetron tube to a more modernized and economical version. The end result is higher efficiency with minimal downtime thereby increasing the quantity and quality of the product being processed by the system. The economics of the modifications are fully realized when individual components or magnetron tubes become obsolete and no longer available. We have kept systems well over 20 years of age in service and performing exceptionally well by these methods. To find out specific details about the individual modifications click onto the links below.



Despatch M1A microwave generator, 1 Kw output


Kiffer Industries microwave generator, 1.5 Kw output


S6-F  microwave generator, 6 Kw output


Cimdor high voltage power supply, 2.5 Kvdc output



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