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Welcome To MES

We've moved! Our new address is:

29 Foundry Ave.

Unit 29F

Meredith, NH 03253

Tel/Fax (603) 279 0565

Cell (203) 246 8080

Who We Are:

Originally founded in 1995, MES is a diverse, fully integrated technical service company, specializing in servicing and supporting industrial microwave users in the rubber, plastics, ceramic and food industries.



Types of Services Performed:


On Site Field Service: Cleaning, Repair, Calibration, and modification to microwave generators and applicators in the frequency bands of 915 & 2450 MHz at power levels from 500 watts to 120 kilowatts.


In House Services:

  • Refurbishing, Modification, Test & Calibration of microwave generators with output power levels of 500 watts to 6 kilowatts.
  • Custom waveguide component testing at 2450 Mhz, power levels to 6 kilowatts.
  • Product testing for receptivity to microwave energy.
  • Phone troubleshooting and technical assistance on repairing of microwave systems.
  • Prototype machine shop capabilities.
  • Prototype manufacturing.


Sale of Replacement components for Industrial Microwave Generators, Ovens and Applicators: Magnetron tubes – Waveguide Sections – Custom High Voltage and Filament transformers – Filament leads – Custom control circuitry – Relays – Circuit Breakers – Fuses – Contactors – Resistors – Capacitors – Heat Exchangers – Electrical heaters to 54 Kw – Blower fans – General electronic components – Metering, both analog & digital – Electronic motor speed controls – Conveyor belting in both Teflon & Silicone fiberglass – Saturable reactors – Variac and SCR power controllers – Temperature and Process controllers – Thermocouple assemblies.


Sale of Refurbished Microwave Equipment:

  • Refurbished, Modified, microwave generators with output power levels from 1 to 6 kilowatts.
  • Refurbished microwave ovens, lengths to 30 ft, convection hot air levels to 18 kilowatt, microwave power levels to 15 kilowatt.

All systems returned to new condition and carry a full warrantee of one year.



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