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Modification of Kiffer Industries 1.5 Kilowatt Microwave Generator



Initial Problem: Although the generator is specified for having an output power of 1.5 Kilowatts, the magnetron tube used is capable of producing 1.9 Kilowatts. The limiting factors in output power are the tube type, high voltage transformer and value of the high voltage capacitors. There are instances when the supply progresses into a runaway condition, with the tube producing maximum output. The high voltage transformer attempts to provide the tube with the current it needs to sustain this output but cannot dissipate the excessive heat in doing so. Inevitably the transformer windings overheat and the power supply fails.


Purpose of Modification: To alleviate premature failure of the high voltage transformer and to increase reliability of the power supply.


MES Solution:

    Replace the high voltage capacitors with ones of a different value, thereby limiting the magnetron tube for 1.5 kilowatts maximum.

    Replace the two high voltage rectifiers with one single dual package type of higher specifications.

    Replace the existing filament transformer and capacitor arrangement, with a more modern type that does not require a capacitor.

    Replace all wiring inside the generator and organize the wire runs neatly.

    Install an elapsed time meter to track hours of magnetron operation.


End Result:

    Increased efficiency.

    More reliable operation of microwave generator.

    Reduced downtime and failure rates for microwave generators and system.

    Increased airflow throughout generator for cooling of critical components.

    Extended life of critical components.






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